About Us



King Row Athletics was born out of necessity.

As a combat veteran and a firefighter for over 20 years, I struggled to find quality fitness apparel that I could wear on-duty that would meet the challenging demands of department regulations and also provide functionality and comfort. After listening to me complain about my frustrations repeatedly, my wife finally challenged me to do something about it… so, I did.

After years of research and product development, my wife Patti and I branded King Row Athletics. We're introducing customized functional all-sports fitness apparel created specifically with our public safety and industrial athlete families in mind, yet versatile enough to accommodate the fitness and sport lifestyles of all athletes. We understand the demands of athletes both inside and out of the public safety profession and design our products to be comfortable and functional even in the most uncomfortable of environments.

While filling the void of proper fitness apparel is our primary focus, King Row Athletics is also focused on bringing awareness to another issue common within our first-responder family and one which I have experienced first hand. There is a dire need for both acknowledgement of, and treatment for PTSD; a serious condition stemming from the demands of these jobs. Over the years, increased call volume, lack of sleep and repeated exposure to trauma has resulted in an impact to the mental and emotional health of those within our line of work. The impact of PTSD on first-responders is far-reaching and there is still much work to be done in generating awareness and providing our public safety families with resources, encouragement and support.

Thank you for supporting King Row Athletics and thank you for sharing your fitness journey with us.  

-Jared & Patti





Did you know...?
Primarily used in pre-1933 construction, one row of bricks (a "king row") was laid on end every four to seven rows. From the exterior, you will see the king row as the "ends" of the bricks and is an indicator to firefighters of the type of construction and age of the building. The king row functions as an element of both strength and aesthetics.